Happy Aloha Friday!

Kauai Jamie Friedman January 5, 2024

Happy Aloha Friday!

Aloha Friday is Hawaii’s Casual Friday – with the beautiful Hawaiian shirts and floral prints! The history of it is that up until 1964 business attire was the norm but the trend began to change when the Chamber of Commerce began petitioning for workers to be permitted to wear more casual clothing – likely in response to the hot and humid weather conditions. Wilson Cannon Junior, a gentleman from Maui, who was at the time the president of Bank of Hawaii, is credited with starting the tradition as he was wearing Aloha shirts to the office. In addition to attributing the start of Aloha Friday casual attire to weather conditions, it is often said that the tradition was also a way to support Hawaii’s garment industry. Now it is commonplace to don the Hawaiian print shirts and floral dresses as everyday work wear. Regardless of the start, it is a long-standing tradition that, in my opinion, goes beyond the attire - extending to the spreading of the spirit of Aloha on Friday as well as the celebration of the weekend ahead!

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